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Good Intentions

9th September 2018
I have been looking at the backlog of things to be included on the site, and the list is getting longer rather than shorter. I am therefore going to spend a while adding pictures without any text. I think it makes the pages less useful but I would like to get on top of the backlog and this makes it much faster. I am also trying to add a picture of new things as they arrive rather than waiting for them to come around in alphabetical sequence. It's a change of policy, I am going to give it a try and see what I think.

27th March 2016
I grow too many Sarracenia. Yesterday I uploaded the final file from the latest revision of the site. It has taken eight months and I am thoroughly fed up with them but next week I get back to the main list which has its own frustrations but is at least diverse.

1st August 2015
In case it looks as though I have fallen asleep, I am currently working my way through the Sarracenia pages and it will all be uploaded - eventually!

16th August 2014
I have finally managed to incorporate the last pieces of the archive that were still hanging around as hard copy. Anything that is still missing from the years before 2008 has probably been lost for good.

17th March 2013
Somewhere in cyber-hell there is a cyber-demon spitting cyber-fire and cyber-brimstone at me because I have finally fixed all the web pages and checked the index for errors. If it troubles me again I will tell it to cyber-off.

2nd December 2012
Change is a good thing. I know it's true but sometimes you need a strong stomach to cope. Recent changes in the way browsers read HTML have resulted in changes to the way my pages display. My text should be aligned to the left but the default setting is now to align everything to the centre. I am adding the code to change it back as I go along but it is going to take a long time to correct all of the pages. As a consequence, the text on pages I have modified recently will be aligned to the left but on older pages it will be centred. This makes the whole site look disorganised and I apologise (I wasn't consulted).

12th March 2012
The archive should now be completely linked to the main site. Thanks to the people who have pointed out broken links to me - it happened when I last updated the whole site. That particular little Gremlin has now been exterminated! Please let me know if you find any more broken links.

3rd February 2012
Behind the scenes in 2011 I managed to digitise all of my notes, which won't make much difference to the appearance of the site, but it makes it much easier and faster to access information I want. The previous filing system occupied two rooms and was threatening to take over my life. While that was going on, a backlog of pictures built up but I a now working on it and new entries for 2011 are starting to appear on the site. The process of digitising also turned up a lot of the missing entries from the archive section and in a few days I will finish adding them. Anything missing from the archive after that is probably lost for all time.

30th June 2010
All the pictures from last year ore now online, I still want to write some more text, but the bulk of it is here. I havent yet updated Sarracenia, but I should get on to it in the next month or so.

1st January 2010
Time flies - last weekend I finally finished sorting the pictures from 2009, ready to start the 2009 update tomorrow! The structure of the site is now much easier to work with, so hopefully that will be a fairly painless process!

25th November 2008
I have just finished re-ordering the site, to make it easier to navigate (and easier for me to update). If it all works, you will hardly notice the difference!

15th October 2008
Through the summer I have added a lot to the Sarracenia pages, including the new Deconfusifier , and I am now sorting through this years photographs ready to start this winter's update, which I am going to try an add to the site as I finish each section, rather than uploading it all in one big lump, as I did last year!

20th March 2008
I have more or less finished the winter update for this year - other tasks are calling! I still have the last section of last year to add, which will be done as time allows. Those genera that did not flower until the later part of last year (after about October) are still missing from the pages, but will eventually appear.

5th November 2007
Slowly going through the site, adding text where I can, as a prelude to starting a complete update using the new seasons photos. Trying to find time in the early mornings to write, because the stuff I do late at night is just rubbish (sorry)!

10th February 2007
The new season is well underway. I have added all of last years pictures to the site. Little text yet, but that gets added late at night through the year when I have time. New pictures already accumulating for the next update.

November 2006
I have just added text to the final pictures (With the exception of Sempervivum where I couldn't think of anything to say). For the most part it is the sort of text that could have been written by a monkey with a typewriter, so I guess evolution doesn't make all that much difference.
When I get the chance I will improve the text, and update the photo's, but first I have the new seasons pictures to add! Plenty of that stuff still to come, so I may be some time.

31st December 2006
New photos being added slowly but surely. I have just uploaded the new additions to the 'oddments' folder, and this note is a way of avoiding having to update the index just yet. Good old displacement activity , can always be relied on to get me out of a tedious task! So now you know what the afternoons task is, waiting for the arrival of the New Year.

December 2005
Well, I think I have the basic architecture of the site sorted at last.
There is a mass of material to add to each of the families.When all of this is complete I will add some more general categories. I have started to add some older photos just for interest.
As the spring unfolds I am updating each section as the plants flower. I have just added some Hepaticas and there are a few more to come, and I have put in some pictures of Begonias. As the season really starts to move, I will get left behind, and all the good intentions will fall apart, but cross that bridge when I get to it!