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Watsonias occur across southern Africa. There are a range of colours and heights. They are usually treated as on the borderlines of hardiness, but they seem to be reasonably robust as long as they are planted fairly deeply. There are a large number of species, but in cultivation their identification is confused by the presence of a large number of hybrids.
Peter Goldblatt has written a great monograph on "The Genus Watsonia" (Annals of Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden, vol 19). Many of my plants do not key out as the correct species, but I have kept them under the name they arrived with, while I get them sorted out.
2007. During this year I have been keeping all the plants in pots very much wetter, treating them as bog plants, and it is making a big difference to their growth. A number of forms that had been quite miffy in pots are now burgeoning, and it is forcing me to rethink my approach to some of the South African Iridaceae (which is no bad thing).

  • Watsonia
  • Watsonia aletroides
  • Watsonia borbonica ssp ardernei 'Ardernes White'
  • Watsonia borbonica ssp borbonica
  • Watsonia 'Brick Red Hybrid'
  • Watsonia 'Dart Sea Trout'
  • Watsonia densiflora
  • Watsonia distans
  • Watsonia 'Flame'
  • Watsonia fulgens
  • Watsonia galpinii
  • Watsonia gladioloides
  • Watsonia humilis
  • Watsonia humilis hybrids
  • Watsonia Hybrids
  • Watsonia hysterantha
  • Watsonia knysnana
  • Watsonia (knysnana x pillansii)
  • Watsonia lepida
  • Watsonia meriana ssp bulbillifera
  • Watsonia meriana ssp bulbillifera 'Red'
  • Watsonia meriana ssp bulbillifera 'Tangerine'
  • Watsonia 'Mount Congreve Coral'
  • Watsonia pillansii
  • Watsonia pillansii JCA 3.593.609
  • Watsonia pillansii 'Pink Form'
  • Watsonia pillansii 'White Form'
  • Watsonia 'Pink Hybrid'
  • Watsonia schlecteri
  • Watsonia 'Stanford Scarlet'
  • Watsonia stenosiphon
  • Watsonia tabularis
  • Watsonia transvaalensis
  • Watsonia 'Tresahor Apricot'
  • Watsonia 'Tresco Dwarf Pink'
  • Watsonia vanderspuyae
  • Watsonia versfeldii
  • Watsonia wilmaniae
  • Watsonia wilmaniae 'Ice Angel'
  • Watsonia wilmaniae JCA 3-911-200