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Sarracenia x swaniana

Sarracenia (minor x purpurea)

An interesting hybrid. S.minor overlaps with S.purpurea venosa in North and South Carolina (though I don't recall ever seeing a wild collected plant?)
At first sight, it is just one of those small colourful hybrids that pad out collections harmlessly but never really attract attention. On closer examination, the hybrid has some interesting attributes. The combination of the hood shapes of the parents results in a plant with curving pitchers that finish pointing vertically, and the hood is a large wide semi-circle, also held vertically, like an advertisement or a sign post. These lids always seem to catch the light, and have deep colour and distinctive veining. Future selections will probably improve the display.

  • Sarracenia x swaniana H-4-LGC
  • Sarracenia x swaniana H-18-M
  • Sarracenia x swaniana H-21-SL
  • Sarracenia x swaniana H-136-ST
  • Sarracenia x swaniana H-214-JC
  • Sarracenia x swaniana SX-61-AS