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Sarracenia x ahlsii

Sarracenia (alata x rubra)

To be perfectly honest, I don't really see any point to Sarracenia x ahlsii. To my mind it adds nothing to the achievements of the parent species.
Under natural circumstances hybrids between S.alata and S.rubra wherryi occur where the species meet in Alabama. I have no doubt that a pointless horde of slight variants have been produced using the various subspecies of S.rubra. As I have probably hinted already, they are a diabolical horde of pointless stinkers (and I grow a number myself!)

  • Sarracenia x ahlsii H-01-PJG
  • Sarracenia x ahlsii H-118-AC
  • Sarracenia x ahlsii H-293-JS
  • Sarracenia x ahlsii SX-70-AS