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Sarracenia (alata x psittacina)

Hybrids with Saracenia psittacina are always a bit freakish, because of the unique nature of its hood. I have been quite surprised by the quality of the hybrid with Sarracenia alata.
Sarracenia psittacina can be a small rather congested and tangled little thing, like a ball of hair coughed up by a cat, and the additional length and stretch added by Sarracenia alata makes a big difference.
Sarracenia psittacina has a remarkable ability to add colour and pattern to its hybrid offspring, and this hybrid allows it to be expressed in full.
The parents overlap geographically, but Sarracenia alata flowers at the start of the season, and Sarracenia psittacina at the very end, so the hybrid is not at all common in the wild.

  • Sarracenia (alata x psittacina) H-81-KC
  • Sarracenia (alata x psittacina) H-112-AC