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Sarracenia (alata x oreophila)

The distributions of the two parent species do not overlap. In a spectacularly emphatic way they do not overlap. There is only one way that the hybrid could occur naturally. If a teenage Saracenia oreophila borrowed his parents car and drove down to a beach party to drink strong liquor and have anonymous sex with the Gulf Coast girls. There are no records of the hybrid occurring naturally!
Sarracenia oreophila often brings vigour and wide lids and pitchers to its hybrids. Combined with Sarracenia alata it produces some tidy and serviceable little hybrids, in an unexceptional sort of way.

  • Sarracenia (alata x oreophila) H-03-PJG
  • Sarracenia (alata x oreophila) H-03A-PJG
  • Sarracenia (alata Black Tube x oreophila) H-52-PJG(2)
  • Sarracenia (alata Black tube, Desoto x oreophila Georgia H-58-SJ
  • Sarracenia (alata Black tube, Desoto x oreophila Sand Mountain H-59-SJ
  • Sarracenia (alata x oreophila) H-78-JJ