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Sarracenia x minata

Sarracenia (alata x minor)

In my (limited) experience of humans I have found that the shorter they are the more likely they are to be unstable. With Sarracenia, the situation is reversed. The tall pitchers of Sarracenia alata sometimes show an unfortunata tendency to have weak "ankles" and flop over from the base. Sarracenia minor can be quite top heavy and easily toppled. The hybrid tends to be greenish and rather floppy with yellow flowers, however the shorter growing selections can be quite good plants.
I assume that it is possible to produce forms with darker coloured pitchers (though I have never seen one!)
The natural distribution of the parents does not overlap.

  • Sarracenia x minata H-74-MK
  • Sarracenia x minata H-114-CC
  • Sarracenia x minata H-178-DB
  • Sarracenia x minata H-291-JS
  • Sarracenia x minata H-292-JS