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Sarracenia (alata x flava)

The hybrid between Sarracenia alata and Sarracenia flava barely meet in their natural distribution, but it is an interesting hybrid to produce artificially. The combination of two tall upright parents gives the potential for giant pitchered offspring. Those seedlings that inherit the best characteristics of their parents can be very impressive. As always, there is plenty of scope for plants to inherit less favourable characteristics.
Both parents flower more or less together, so there is little difficulty in producing the hybrid. In recent years the best forms of both species have been used in hybridising, and there are now excellent plants being produced in the first generation with richly coloured tubes.

  • Sarracenia (alata 'Red Lid x flava 'Heavy Vein') H-06-PJG
  • Sarracenia (alata x flava) H-45-AP
  • Sarracenia (alata 'Red lid'x flava 'Maxima') H-62-AP
  • Sarracenia (alata x flava 'Maxima' ) H-64-AP
  • Sarracenia (alata 'Red lid'x flava Red tube) H-140-PJG
  • Sarracenia ((alata 'Red lid'x flava Red tube) x flava Red tube) H-168-NO
  • Sarracenia (alata x flava). H-178-HC
  • Sarracenia (alata red lid x flava Burgundy). H-181-PJG
  • Sarracenia (alata red lid x flava rubricorpora. H-205-JC
  • Sarracenia (alata red tube x flava rubricorpora. H-234-DB
  • Sarracenia (alata x flava 'Maxima'. H-260-OD
  • Sarracenia (alata x flava) H-285-JC
  • Sarracenia (alata x flava rubricorpora) H-287-JS
  • Sarracenia (alata x flava rubricorpora) H-288-JS