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Pinguicula 'George Sargent'

2nd November 2008

I got this in November, and took this picture, but unfortunately it did not survive the winter - I don't think it had enough time to adapt to the winter before the cold weather hit.
Named by Adrian Slack but raised by George Sargeant from a cross between P. gypsicola and P. moranensis, it is distinctive in producing a very large winter rosette.

The original description (Insect Eating Plants) says:

"Mr. G.A. Sargent has crossed Pinguicula moranensis var. caudata (Schlecht.) Hort.Slack with Pinguicula gypsicola Brandeg. The clone he gave me produces numerous rich lilac flowers over curiously bendy, strap-shaped leaves. The winter rosettes are enormous, and at that time they must be kept bone dry. Pinguicula ' Hameln ' Hort.Slack and Pinguicula mitla Hort.Slack are of the Pinguicula gypsicola Brandeg. * Pinguicula moranensis H.B.K. ' Hamburg ' (sic!) cross, and both differ in their wider Pinguicula moranensis H.B.K.-like foliage and in not producing the large winter rosettes of Pinguicula ' George Sargent ' Hort.Slack."


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