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Pinguicula caerulea


This charming North American species, from the southeastern coastal plain, stretching from North Carolina south to the Florida panhandle. The small seemingly fragile rosettes produce tall flower scapes in mid spring. The individual plants are not long lived, but seed is freely produced and germinates easily.

My plants came from Potterton and Martin in 1981, and were listed as caerulea / lutea mixed, as the two species are almost indistinguishable in leaf. I had three plants, and they all turned out to be Pinguicula caerulea. I grew it for a number of years and distributed a great many. I also had seed stored in the freezer for many years, but it was thrown out a decade ago, along with some long overlooked beefburgers and some packets that may have had seed in, but which no-one had the courage to open!

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Photographed at Kew. Photographed at Malvern Spring Show. Photographed at Malvern Spring Show.