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Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Purpureus'

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11th November 2010

Osmanthus heterophyllus is a magnificent evergreen shrub with scented flowers in late autumn. When I was looking for large evergreen windbreaks I obtained a number of cultivars and they have all bveen good.
This one is often sold as "purple leaved" which is nonsense. The leaves are slightly brown-green, but I think I would need them together for comparison to be sure which was which. The difference is most apparent in the spring when the new flush of growth on this one is purple-brown for a time.
It is still rather small and lethargic - it was stunted in a large tub for 20 years and has yet to grow out of it. 'Gulf Tide', a selected compact form with purplish leaves, was planted in the ground at the same time, and towers over it.

22nd December 2013

It hasn't grown much but in 2010 I was looking down on it in the picture, and now I am looking up.

15th November 2018

31st October 2022

A hot summer has really suited it and it has flowered as profusely as I have ever seen.