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Iris ensata 'Kongosan'

13th June 2007

Very rich blue-purple flowers that have rather curled, undulating petals. As a consequence the flower is inhabited by shadows and breaking waves of light. It is a very lovely thing. Unfortunately it is the wrong thing, it should be a double.
The AIS encyclopedia says;

'Kongo-San' (Toko-En Nursery, 1900 -1910). Double. Colour class - 6DB. Translation "Diamond Mountain"

Marx Gardens catalogue for 1955 says;

KONGO-SAN (Diamond Mountain) Each $2.00. An elegant variety of the same colour as our Higo variety 'Hisakata'. however the color is the only similarity. 'Kongo-San' is extremely ruffled and not as large. Its outstanding feature is the extremely tufted center forming a complete pompon at times. The flower then looks more like a peony than an Iris. Very late.

It hardly needs saying that my delightful plant is not the real thing.


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