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Hepatica nobilis japonica

Archive entry 17.03.07
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Archive entry 14.03.10

In general I have listed the cultivars of Hepatica nobilis v japonica under their cultivar names. This mauve form came from an Alpine Garden Society Show, grown as a colour strain. These early flowers are slightly distorted, and I am hoping that later flowers will be larger, while retaining the depth of colour.

11th March 2007

17th March 2007

Probably not worth showing, but I have been raising some seedlings from H.n.japonica forms, and this was the first to flower! Put it down to proud parent syndrome.

24th February 2008

A mauve seedling from a group at Ashwood Nursery.

1st March 2008

A pale flowered seedling, that I assume came from one of the named H.n.japonica forms, but I don't know anything about its history.

1st March 2008

8th March 2009

14th March 2010

I have a range of colours of Japanese Hepatica which are best collected here. This is a mauve flowered one that I am rather fond of.

1st May 2016

17th March 2019