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Galanthus woronowii Variegated

20th February 2009

Three years ago I selected this bulb from a group of plants in a garden centre, because it had strongly variegated leaves. These things always attract my attention. It could be the result of infection with a virus, or it could be a true chimaeral variegation. For three years now it has been the same, and it doesn't seem to have developed any distortion in the growth, or blurring of the pattern, which might be more suggestive of viral infection. I continue to grow it, and hope for the best.

26th February 2011

Last year I finally worked up the courage to plant it out, and it has immediately doubled in size. The variegation remains, and I am still uncertain if it is a virus or not. At the beginning of the year I was convinced it was an infection, but now as I review the photos from the year it looks more like a chimaeral variegation. More observation required!

18th February 2012

16th February 2018

19th March 2021