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Galanthus woronowii

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4th March 2006

A pretty small flowered species with broad glassy green leaves. It took a long time to establish in the woodland walk, but there are now two or three small clumps,and they are slowly expanding.

23rd February 2008

The flowers are rather variable. I keep the ones I like in pots while I make up my mind about them.

11th January 2009

The clumps in the garden are slowly starting to make a significant impact in the snowdrop season and I am starting to wish I had more of them.

21st January 2010

It makes such magnificent clumps of leaves early in the year that the flowers seem insufficient, though they are quite wonderful in detail. They just fall a little short of the promise of the leaves.
This is now the most commonly traded snowdrop, bulbs are being harvested in large numbers in Georgia and sold through Dutch wholesalers.

12th February 2012

20th January 2018

12th January 2021


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