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Galanthus 'Lady Elphinstone'

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A wonderful double flowered yellow snowdrop,found by Sir Graham Elphinstone in 1890. There would seem to be a number of clones in circulation, all of them charming and all of them more or less yellow. They vary in the amount of yellow from year to year. Some are consistently yellow, only reverting to green if moved or disturbed. My bulb came from Broadleigh Gardens in 1987 and is mostly green. The later flowers in the season are yellow, and some years are better than others (so far this year it is barely yellow at all). On the plus side, this form is very vigorous, which the yellower forms tend not to be.

4th February 2007

It gets lifted and split once the clumps reach this size. This is its green manifestation. During the summer of 2007 I have cut down a lot of the cherry trees in the meadow that used to shade the plants and it remains to be seen if it will affect the colour or the vigour.

8th February 2008

The plants have grown well with a bit more light, but I have to look really hard to find any with yellow flowers!

7th February 2009

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