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Galanthus nivalis

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1st February 2006

Probably the best of the species for naturalising in the UK. Possibly a native, possibly introduced by the Romans during one of their 'invade and get rained on' episodes.

4th February 2007

My original stock came from a romantic old orchard in north Cornwall, and as I split it around the garden, I try to keep it away from the other named cultivars - I get confused enough as the season gets underway, it is quite nice to have areas of snowdrops that avoid controversy and are just enchanting.

26th January 2008

24th January 2009

19th February 2011

There are a small number of woodlands in the area that get carpetted with snowdrops in the spring, and I have a short section of woodland floor under some giant Sycamores that I would love to do the same with. Unfortunately it is taking a very long time to get established. The bulbs I put in have formed clumps, but there has been very little spreading between the clumps.
This year I have lifted a few clumps and replanted the individual bulbs a few inches apart in the hope of getting a carpet next year. I have considered buying a big bag of dry bulbs in the autumn but I am worried that I will get some doubles mixed in among them, or get a bag of imported G.elwesii that have been wrongly named. At present I am planning to lift and split a few clumps every year, but I am quite impatient and I might end up taking the chance and buying some more.

22nd January 2012

15th January 2015

16th February 2017

3rd February 2021


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