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Galanthus 'Neill Fraser'

15th February 2009

A sound and reliable snowdrop that was highly prized in its day, but a century has passed and it has been somewhat eclipsed by more recent seedlings and discoveries.

19th February 2011

This is another large flowed hybrid that I have known for some time, but only grown in recent years. I first got to know it growing at Kew, and was taken by the whiteness of the flower. There isn't a good reason that I can think of for this, the plant has the same green mark on the inner segments. It is possible that the width and disposition of the outer segments gives a particularly large proportion of white surface as the flowers start to open wide in the warmth. Whatever the reason, I think of whiteness when I think of 'Neill Fraser'. The individual flowers are nothing particularly special by todays standards but it makes an impressive and reliable clump. Time will tell if the more recent cultivars can do the same.

3rd March 2012

4th February 2017

14th February 2019