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Galanthus 'Moccas'

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16th January 2005

In the 1860's James Atkins of Painswick introduced a very fine snowdrop which was called 'Atkinsii' . A large flowered and vigorous plant, it was circulated among the snowdrop lovers of the age. Somewhere over the next half century some confusion over its identity occurred. It may be that it became confused with some of its seedlings. In the last decades of the 20th century people started to recognise that there were a number of clones being circulated, and new names were needed.

When I got this in 1987 from Helen Ballard, it was being called 'Atkinsii Moccas Stain', and had been selected by Percy Picton. It has now been ammended to 'Moccas', which is a better name, but risks losing the connection to 'Atkinsii'

1st February 2006

It has proved to be vigorous and floriferous in the woodland.

4th February 2007

It sometimes retains the extra tepal that occasionally pops out of 'Atkinsii'.

17th December 2008

24th January 2009

12th February 2011

For many years this has been the first big performer of the snowdrop season. I can usually rely on it to produce a few flowers for New Years Day, and in a good year I have them for Christmas. It is always heartening to see some flowers starting in the difficult empty days of winter. It may be overly romanticised claptrap but it is good to see the first movement of spring in the garden.
This year the garden froze at the start of December and remained frozen until the New Year. Usually 'Moccas' would be growing through the soil during December and the cold weather stopped them in their tracks. The shoots didn't start to grow until January so they have been late into flower this year, along with all the other early snowdrops, so a lot of varieties are coming at once in February.

11th January 2012

25th January 2017

29th January 2021


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