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Galanthus 'Melvillei'

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25th January 2009

I have had it for a long time, but it sulked for many years in a small pot and it has taken a while to get going now it has been planted out.

15th January 2011

Another one of those cultivars that has a dubious history. The name was applied to a plant originating with David Melville, head gardener at Dunrobin Castle. He made several clones available at the same time and the identities are hopelessly mixed. Unless some diligent Galanthus grower invents time travel and goes back to sort it out, the name will remain rather uncertain. Galanthus growers are determined and it may happen.
My plant more or less fits the description and came from Broadleigh Gardens, so I think of it as " broadly 'Melvillei' " (how we laughed).

11th January 2012

25th January 2017

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