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Galanthus 'Maidwell L'

Archive entry 15.02.15

A large flowered snowdrop raised by Oliver Wyatt at Maidwell Hall. The commonest of the "Maidwell" snowdrops. "Maidwell A" (= 'Kite') and 'Maidwell C' are still in circulation. It is not particularly special by todays standards but it has a proven track record.

The 'X' shaped green mark on the inner segments is quite variable. Plants I remember from the '80s had a distinctive X but the stock I currently grow is less distinct, and I have seen forms with a diffuse green smear across the inner segments.

4th February 2007

4th February 2007

26th February 2010

15th January 2015

11th January 2018

22nd January 2021


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