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Galanthus lagodechianus

Archive entry 31.01.16

21st January 2010

A little while ago a friend asked which of the snowdrop species I grew, and I once grew many of them but they seem to be hiding. Certainly they haven't prospered, which is odd. I used to have a rather purist streak and favoured the species over the more modern and gaudy hybrids (if any of them can be called gaudy). Nowadays I have a garden of fallen morals and (if I get the chance) loose virtue and I'll grow any old thing if it makes me smile.
I'm sure if I poke around enough in the undergrowth I will find some last struggling shoots of this snowdrop but when I was offered another I snapped it up. Poking around in the undergrowth is over-rated.

3rd January 2018

Growing slowly, I don't think it really likes being outside.

14th January 2018

I have just been given a bulb of the first clone of the species I grew, which has curiously distorted inner segments. I am told it is vigorous.

6th February 2021