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Galanthus 'James Backhouse'

20th January 2008

I have only had it for a year, so I will let the picture speak for itself. Last years single flower has grown to two this year.

20th January 2008

During 2007 it was planted out, and it is now getting much stronger in the ground.
This is the new name for the form of 'Atkinsii' that has previously been called 'Atkinsii of Backhouse'. This one has the most erratically deformed flowers , but mine has behaved with perfect poise and grace.

15th February 2009

12th February 2011

In the woods it has continued to behave with perfect poise. I have been hoping for a bizarre series of mishapen flowers. I would have been satisfied with a single slightly odd flower, but nothing. Perhaps it needs more than four years to settle in? In the meantime 'Moccas' (which is one of the more stable 'Atkinsii' forms) had produced enough freaks for me to pick a small posy of ugliness to horrify the 'they-all-look-the-same-to-me' brigade.

5th February 2012

4th February 2017

12th February 2021


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