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Galanthus 'Dionysus'

6th February 2006

One of a range of double flowered snowdrops raised by H.A.Greatorex. He described this cultivar and 'Ophelia' as the best of the group for cultivation in the open garden.

26th January 2008

24th January 2009

12th February 2011

It has made a good compact clump in the garden and seems to stand up to poor weather (which usually means strong winds here) better than the other doubles I grow. It doesn't seem to be shorter than any of the others, so perhaps it has stronger stems. Whatever the reason, when wind and rain have beaten the others into the mud, this is often still standing.

11th January 2012

25th January 2017

It's a splendidly satisfying thing, for all the raggedness of the flowers as they swoop together heavily over the blue-grey leaves like a flock of startled chickens.

29th January 2021


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