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Galanthus 'Diggory'

12th February 2014

'Diggory' marked a change in snowdrop development, at least in my mind. It was one of those plants that was immediately distinctive and allowed us to move on from the delightful legion of almost indistinguishable snowdrops into a new phase where a snowdrop needed to be distinctive to be named.
As time ravages snowdrop collections, as it inevitably will, 'Diggory' will hopefully lurk in some fanciers nooks or crannies to be identified by a new wave of enthusiasts crawling intrepidly through the wet undergrowth of abandoned gardens searching for surprises. Let us hope they get them. 'Diggory' is certainly vigorous enough to persist without much attention.
Discovered by Rosie Steele and Richard Hobbs among naturalised G. plicatus near Wells in Norfolk.

21st January 2021