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Galanthus 'David Shackleton'

19th February 2011

A large flowered form of the species loosely connected to David Shackleton's garden, near Dublin.
I bought it quite late in the season last year and was a little mworried that I wouldn't be seeing it again but it has come up quite strongly and hopefully it will be a permanent resident.

3rd March 2012

10th March 2013

A clone of G.elwesii of uncertain origin. It is said to be part of a parcel of bulbs sent to the Giant Snowdrop Company by David Shackleton of Co. Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. Shackleton was not convincecd that the plant had any connection to him.
Whatever the origin it is a good, vigorous late flowering snowdrop.

16th February 2018

19th February 2020