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Galanthus 'Comet'

Archive entry 26.01.20

11th February 2006

A very large flowered form of Galanthus elwesii selected by John Morley in Suffolk. Light green marks on the end of the outer segments that are not always distinct. They seem to be stronger on plants grown in full sun, but I may just be imagining it.

11th February 2007

10th February 2008

20th February 2009

12th February 2011

When I bought it I was a little worried that my little patch of woodland would be too dark for a form of Galanthus elwesii, which often prefer more open conditions. Fortunately this hasn't turned out to be the case and it has prospered and formed a striking clump in the last few years. The flowers are as large as any cultivar I grow, and they are displayed very effectively against the broad glaucous leaves.

5th February 2012

29th January 2021


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