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Galanthus 'Barnes'

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14th November 2017

A member pof the Hiemalis Group of G. elwesii (which really only means that it flowers before the New Year). It is part of a consignment of bulbs sent to E. P. Barnes in 1928 by Barrs (the bulb merchants). Much later its worth was recognised and it was named.
E. P. Barnes was a surgeon in Northampton. Barnes passed some snowdrop bulbs to Oliver Wyatt and from them Wyatt named 'Earliest of All'. Some time after 1973 an autumn flowering snowdrop was found in Wyatt's garden, Old Manor, Naughton, Suffolk, simply marked 'Barnes'. It is not certainly distinguished from 'Earliest of All'. Bulbs of this early snowdrop were passed to Rod and Jane Leeds in Suffolk who are responsible for making it more widely known and available.

21st November 2020