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Galanthus 'Barbaras Double'

Archive entry 02.02.09

2nd February 2008

A short double flowered form selected by E.A.Bowles from the garden of Lady Beatrix Stanley, and named after her daughter.
I haven't had it for long, but I have been quite impressed.

12th February 2009

7th February 2010

Rather like 'Lady beatrix Stanley' it forms a tidy rosette of inner segments. If you look at the inner segments, you will see that they are often irregular in shape being longer on one side than the other, another characteristic it often shares with 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'.
It has a comparatively large green mark on the outside of the inner segments and the inner face is heavily lined with green, the colour often extending between the lines, so that the rosette is deep green. 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' is much paler, the lines on the inner surface do not merge significantly, and the green mark on the outer surface is often reduced to a small dot, which makes it distinctive, even from a distance (there is no need to creep around on your hands and knees like a teenager with a hangover searching for a lavatory).


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