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Galanthus 'Augustus'

11th February 2007

A low growing form of Galanthus plicatus with large rounded flowers. Named by Amy Doncaster after E.A.Bowles, whose garden is still a significant snowdrop refuge, fifty years after his death.

24th February 2008

1st March 2009

5th March 2011

This is a very beautiful and distinctive short cultivar, the obvious virus symptoms shown in the foliage during some years present me with a bit of a problem. I wouldn't want the virus to spread to any of the others in the collection, even though it doesn't seem to reduce the plants vigour at all.
Symptoms seem to vary from year to year. Last season it was rather ugly with flaccid, yellowed leaves. This year there is almost no sign of a problem. I should probably plant it on its own somewhere, but I haven't heard of people seeing virus in other cultivars, so it may not be easy to spread.

3rd March 2012

15th February 2018

26th February 2021


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