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Fuchsia 'Genii'

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16th October 2011

A vigorous but small growing hardy Fuchsia with rich golden leaves. It makes a rather dense little shrub and the colour can be quite extreme. It is a softer lime green when grown in a bit of shade. The compact habit means that the flowers have rather short stalks and the whole plant looks a little clenched and anxious like the charity swimmers who dip in the sea on New Years Day.

21st June 2017

Raised by Victor Reiter in the USA and introduced in 1951.
I have a very haphazard herbaceous border and somehow I managed to plant this at the end like a golden full stop at the end of a rambling love letter. I can't remember why I put it there and it doesn't really fit now I have extended the border but there it is, and there it is going to stay.
I wouldn't change a word.

24th May 2019