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Fuchsia excorticata

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16th January 2005

Fuchsia excorticata is a curious species from New Zealand. It flowers during January and February on the bare stems. The flowers open green and yellow, and then age to purple. It is fairly hardy, but some forms are much stronger than others. The traditionally grown form has large silvery leaves, but it is rather easily damaged by cold. Recent introductions are quite variable, but there are some very cold tolerant forms among them.

In recent years, hybridists have managed to transfer the purple colour into a range of so called "Aubergine" hybrids. 'Zulu King' and 'Roesse Blacky' are proving quite popular.

30th December 2006

6th March 2007

6th February 2007

24th January 2008

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21st November 2010

12th November 2017

A local nursery was selling this form of the species and so I am trying it. They say it is bushier and taller than the usual form and the leaves are certainly longer and have paler undersides than my original form.

1st January 2018

After several decades in the garden my old plant was killed in the Beast from the East during March 2018.