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Asarum sieboldii

8th April 2006

Delivered this morning in full flower. Thank you Crug Farm Plants! A deciduous species from Korea and Japan.

7th May 2006

23rd March 2007


I was sent a small piece of rhizome from China which has sprouted to produce a single flower, which will be removed shortly to reduce the stress on the tiny rootball, and give the plant a better chance to establish. It was delivered as Asarum forbesii. Thanks to Barry Yinger for the name correction.

8th April 2007

It has repeated the performance this year, so I think I did the right thing in removing the flower.

7th May 2006

This one came to me as A.heterotropoides, so thanks once again are due to Barry Yinger for a correct identification.

3rd March 2007

Interesting for the greenish colour of the inside of the calyx lobes.

24th February 2008

This one came to me as Asarum forbesii from a local nursery, though it probably originated with a Chinese nursery.

27th March 2008

This one came from China as Asarum sieboldii.

12th March 2009