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Acis autumnalis Brown Scape

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8th September 2010

Without any special reason, genera can creep up on me and I suddenly realise I have a yearning for them. I suppose I should have been warned by the attraction to snowdrops, that their smaller relatives would also have the ability to enchant.
So there I am, gormlessly looking through the plants on Tale Valley Nursery's stand at an NCCPG sale when I saw this lovely little flower and was filled with delight.
Yes, it is Acis autumnalis. Yes, I have lots in the greenhouse. But don't you see, this one has brown scapes. BROWN SCAPES! I mean really, how could anybody possibly not notice. Not covet, not want. Not carry home? How could anybody?

If I took myself as seriously as I take these tiny little scraps of vegetation, life would be a very different thing. But I think it would be less.

1st September 2012

I am still convinced that this is a distinct improvement on my other strain, but I have to admit that others have been more cynical.

9th September 2015