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Disa Trata

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17th June 2012

My own seedlings, flowering for the first time. D.aurata x D.tripetaloides. I was hoping for some variability and perhaps for flowers in shades of pale yellow. Perhaps it isn't surprising that in the first generation they are all very similar. The flowers open a rather creamy white but rapidly fade. They seem to be rather vigorous and if I could find an especially good one then I would have selected it but so far there is no distinctive difference.
The next generation are already germinating and should be a lot more variable.
First raised by H.Koopowitz and registered in 1994, he raised the hybrid Disa (tripetaloides x aurata) and mine were Disa (aurata x tripetaloides so technically mine do not belong to the grex and need a new name, but with a primary hybrid between two very closely related species it feels like splitting hairs. I used Disa aurata as the seed parent because I don't have Harold Koopowitz' confidence - I wanted to be completely sure that D. aurata was involved and I hadn't accidentally selfed D. tripetaloides !

14th June 2017

All of the seedlings have been very similar and I keep wanting to keep them, so I have too many. This is the one I refer to as "best yellow".